Körperorientiertes Coaching zur Auflösung von Stressfolgestörungen

Over the last few years, the limitations of ‚talking cures’ have become more and more apparent, particularly in stress-processing disorders. For this reason, myriad therapy techniques that systematically include body experiences and therewith achieve faster improvement of wellbeing have been developed over the last 30 years. One of these new approaches are the TRE tension and trauma releasing exercises: they are based on the natural human reflex of folding up into fetal position in case of danger and threat (fetal response), and the release of this tension through muscle tremor and shaking oneself off once the danger is over.
With our surveys, we are able to show that trauma consequences do not diminish in general the subjective state of health, but in fact very specific body parts and functions, including the knee and feet, heart, stomach, headache, sleep, and fatigue. Doing the TRE exercises reduces discomfort for the trauma therapists in Germany and the German-speaking region of Switzerland, as well as in soldiers. These data are consistent with the predictions of the polyvagal theory by Porges (2016, 2011) or the defense cascade by Kozlowska, Walker, P., McLean & Carrive, P. (2015).
Body-oriented coaching for resource-preserving dissolving of chronic stress reactions
Dr. Hildegard Nibel & Andreas Herold, MSc.

The full article is now available in German, as Chapter 12, in:
Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller: Resilienz für die VUCA-Welt

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